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Greatall Roots Blower shows in the 43rd China Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition
2012-05-13 00:24:33  来源: Greatall

The 43rd China Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition opened in Shenyang International Exposition Center on the 8th of May, 2012. It had 864 companies exhibiting and 5613 exhibition positions being arranged, which occupied 8 exhibition halls and service areas. The whole exposition consists of premium quality and price area, international VIP area, pharmaceutical machinery area, medicine packing machinery area, international area, pharmaceutical water equipment area, medicine slices machinery area, for medicine crushing equipments, pharmaceutical product mechanical equipments area and so forth. The exhibits embrace facilities and equipments for manufacturing, processing, inspection and test, and other assistant functions needed in the fields of western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceuticals, animal medicine, agriculture chemicals, health products, household chemical products, food industry etc..

The northern team of Greatall industrial business department participated in this display with roots blowers. This product is mainly used in the stages of fermentation and air conveying in pharmaceutical process. Other Greatall products, air compressor and gas compressor, not shown in this exhibition are also widely used in pharmaceutical industry. During the four days exhibition period, Greatall team had received a great number of professional visitors and performed very effective communications with them. This enables our product be well known by customers and visitors.

This exposition first started in 20 century 90 years. It opens two times in spring and autumn respectively every year. It is known as a professional, international and popular exposition with complete ranges of products, providing a  platform for both trading and information communication of product development. Since 2004, this exposition has been rated by China Department of Commerce as one of the state fully supporting expositions for 13 times. In 2008, it was officially approved becoming International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition.