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Centrifugal Compressor

Performance Range:

Small-sized Unit

25-70 m3/min, 125-500 HP(150-370kW),2-10 bar g


Medium-sized Unit

70-180 m3/min,450-1500 HP(350-1300kW),3-10 bar g


Large-sized Unit

180-850 m3/min,1500-5500 HP(900-4500kW),3–10 bar g

Introduction and Product Features
  • Centrifugal compressor is a global benchmark for this product categary in terms of reliability, efficiency and productivity, even where the working considtion is extremely bad.
  • Optimum design on its components and system; Maximum possible liftime; Easy to operate.
Electronic Industry
Food and Beverage
Aircraft Industry
Iron and Steel
Medical Care and Pharmaceutical Industry
Building Materials Industry
Tobacco Industry
Metal Smelting Industry
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