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Single-stage Centrifugal Blower

Germany made FIMA blower

Gas-Tight and Pressure Resistant

Performance range:

Flow rate from 6000 m3/h to 60 000m3/h
Pressure up to 1.5 Barg
Efficiency up to 83%

Greatall single stage centrifugal blower package combines Chinese local manufacture and imported Germany made FIMA blower to gain international standard products at a relatively lower price to serve China customers.
FIMA is one of the leading manufacturers of gas-tight and pressure-resistant centrifugal blowers for highly demanding applications. The blowers are designed and manufactured on the basis of applicable Germany national and international standard and regulations as well as many years’ experience in the area. The use of standardized subassemblies in connection with custom design permits safe operation at high temperature and system pressures. Resistance against corrosion and abrasive material is ensured through specially selected high quality materials and surface coating.

  • Environment Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Textile Industry
  • ...
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