Air Levitation Blower
Performance Range:
Flow up to 24 000 m³/h

Maximum pressure 4 barg

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

Greatall Air levitation blower is a new type of high-efficiency, energy saving and environment-friendly blower which integrates air bearing and high speed motor technology into traditional blower. It’s efficient, intelligent, integrated with simple structure, simple operation & maintenance and low operating cost, could be widely used in sewage treatment, thermal power plant, cement, chemical, semiconductor, food and pharmachy, textile and dyeing, leather and paper making, etc, energy-saving effect is remarkable.


Air bearing with semi-permanent life, mechanical friction permanently eliminated, 100% oil free air delivery.

Efficiency of permanent magnetic variable frequency motor up to 98%, which is incomparable for normal motor.

High performance inverter for speed control, a variety of control modes optional.

Direct drive without gearbox, no oil lubrication, no water cooling.

Fully enclosed air cooling system for motor heat dissipation, ensure stable and efficient operation of the blower.

Modular design, convenient and quick maintenance.

Intelligent control system monitors the blower running state in real time, regulates the flow and pressure as needed, integrates the anti-surge system to ensure safe and stable operation.