Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Multistage Centrifugal Blower
Performance Range:

Flow up to 15 000 m³/h

Pressure up to 1.5 barg

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

Complying with international standard, PM series blower incorporates modern design and manufacturing technology, impeller is light-weighted and high-efficiency thanks for integrative aluminum ally casting, simple ball bearing and fully air cooled design bring incomparable advantage to traditional multistage centrifugal blower with welding impellers. PM series blower could achieve equal or higher package efficiency compared with levitation blower and traditional geared blower for lots of conditions, especially when flow high than 15000m3/h, but effiency is comparable with levitation blower which develops quickly recent years, for condition with small flow.

Greatall's PM series multistage centrifugal blower is achievement of high-efficiency blower from combining modern fluid machinics and motor technology, It features high-efficiency closed type three dimensional AL impellers, special-designed step type interstage sealing and high-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency motor and control technology, package efficiency is even higher than standardized levitation blower for lots of normal conditions. , Due to the use of ordinary ball bearings, the reliability and maintainability is also much higher than the suspension blower.


Three-dimensional flow close type impeller, efficiency up to 93%.

Efficiency of PM motor high up to 97%, which is incomparable to normal motor.

High-performance frequency converter for speed control, multiple control modes optional.

Direct drive, no need gearbox, oil lubrication and water cooling (water cooled bearing housing optional for big models).

Ordinary deep groove ball bearing, reliable operation, easy maintenance.

The fully enclosed air cooling system for motor heat dissipation, ensure stable and efficient blower operation.

Modular design, convenient maintenance.

Intelligent control system monitors the running state of the blower in real time, adjusts the flow pressure as needed in a timely manner, and integrates the anti-surge system to ensure safe and stable operation.