Multistage Centrifugal Blower
Performance Range:
Flow from 1000 /h to  170 000 m³/h

Pressure 100~1500 mbarg,Vacuum to 500mbara

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

Compared with traditional roots blower and single stage high speed blower, Greatall GM multistage centrifugal blower gots comprehensive cost-performance ratio advantage at aspect of pressure, power consumption, noise level, reliability and investment, etc, as vertical-splitted turbo compressor.The advantage has been widely recognizedwith the improvement of the international manufacturing technology, design concept and control technology, and been applied in various industries, as categorized as economic and reliable dynamic equipment.


Internationally-synchronized design and manufacturing technology, with thoroughly taking pursing of high pressure and efficiency on current mainstream application field into consideration during model design, leads to remarkable impeller efficiency high up to 92% and 80% for rotor.

High precision pattern, aluminum alloy integrative casting molding, come with fine machining and dynamic balance test. It is light, with higher efficiency, more uniform mass distribution, higher dimensional precision and less manufacturing defects compared with traditional welding impellers.

Unpressurized oil lubrication system, air-cooled aluminum alloy oil box, continuous trouble-free operation guranteed, no need of oil pump or cooling water, low maintenance cost.

Cooling fan installed at high pressure outlet side optional, further reduction on bearing temp.

Balance disc is equipped for medium and above models, to offset partialthe axial force, ensure smooth rotor running, extend bearing life.

High-precision carbon steel common base bears the weight of blower, motor and all accessories. Effectively guarantees the coaxiality between blower and motor, vibration is drastically reduced compared with split base design.

The intelligent control system monitors the running state of the blower in real time, adjusts the flow and pressure as needed, and integrates anti-surge system to ensure safe and stable operation.