Roots Blower
Performance Range:

Flow from 20m³/h to 13 500 m3/h

Pressure up to 1.1 barg,Vacuum to 500mbara

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

GH series roots blower/vacuum pump incorporates bare block from origin HIBON, France, Repeat test and verification has been conducted to all other accessories by our engineers to optimize the design and selection. Our philosophy is to make this well-designed-and-manufactured product being the best assistance of your production line.


100% air-cooling design, completely eliminates the installation cost, running cost and shutdown losses related with cooling water.

Reduced noise levels due to the efficient noise enclosure and a specially designed ventilation baffle system.

Enclosure capable of operation at high ambient temperatures. Hot air extraction by means of a high capacity, electrically operated ventilation fan. Suction fresh air directly from outdoor or outside of enclosure is also possible through duct for extremely hot ambient.

The belt tension is adjusted automatically by the motor weight with pivot base.

This design removes the requirement of frequent inspection and repair adjustment.

Intelligent control system can monitor the running state of blower in real time .

Fulfill the increasing customer requirement of unattended operation.