Screw Blower
Performance Range:

Flow from 300m³/h to 5000m³/h

Pressure up to 1.5barg

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

Greatall GLS series screw blower incorporates high-efficiency-and-performance single stage twin screw air end, equip with complete necessary lubrication and monitoring accessories, standardized models provide customer with highly cost-effective technical solution, various requirements adaptable, and widely used in waste water treatment, paper printing, food, pharmacy, oil and chemical, etc.


Specialized compact structure design, low noise and vibration level.

Double labyrinth sealing, gas tight.

totally oil free delivery.

Unique rotors coating, perfectly fit industry heavy duty condition.

Patented low pressure rotor profile design, high efficiency.

High-precision synchromesh gear, precise rotors clearance.

The belt tension is adjusted automatically by the motor weight with pivot base.

This design removes the requirement of frequent inspection and repair adjustment.

Intelligent control system can monitor the running state of blower in real time .

Fulfill the increasing customer requirement of unattended operation.