BOGE Screw Air Compressor
Performance Range:

Standard oil-injected screw compressor, maximum discharge pressure: 13barg,

maximum capacity: 100m³/min.

Standard oil-free screw compressor, maximum discharge pressure: 10barg, 

maximum capacity: 65.28m³/min.

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

BOGE screw air compressor is available for standardized products, or custom designe according to the customer's personalized requirement. Air compressor is mainly categoried into oil-injected screw air compressor and oil-free screw air compressor.

Standard oil-injected screw air compressor

Adopting mature and advanced Germany technology, microcomputer control, easier operation, higher reliability. direct or V-belt driven, two-stage compressor is optional, which features higher efficiency and better power consumption performance.

Standard oil-free screw air compressor

Special surface coating treatment or rotors brings higher efficiency, the optimized heat exchanger design ensures simplicity and convenience of maintenance, is idea choice for high-end application.


Germany brand, high reliability.

Modular design, compact structure, smaller space consumption, easy and convenient maintenance.

Excellent anti-vibration design, minimized vibration and noise.

Continuous heavy-duty design, stable operation low wearing, extended service life is assured.