Medium & High Pressure Compressor
Performance Range:

Original Germany Sauer

Discharge pressure up to 500bar

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

Founded in 1884, Sauer has more than 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing medium/high-pressure compressors and a series of expertise. Reliable and advanced products make Sauer a trustworthy partner in merchant shipping, navy and industrial applications. Nowadays Sauer has become one of the world's leading compressor manufacturers with premium quality.

Sauer compressor is operation-friendly, only minimized maintenance is needed, solid and robus design assures long term trouble-free operation and service life.


Air & water cooled design.

Directly driven, trouble-free, high efficiency and reliability.

Compound inlet & outlet valve, efficient, compact, easy for maintenance.

Heavy duty design for 24/7 continuous operation, stable, low wearing, extended service life.

Optimized anti-vibration design, minimized noise emission.

Maximum allowable ambient temp 60℃.

Post-treatment and custom design are optional, skid-mounted design, various customer need could be perfectly fulfilled.