Helium Compressor
Performance Range:

Original Germany Sauer

Pressure up to 350barg

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Product Description

Founded in 1884, Sauer has more than 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing medium/high-pressure compressors and a series of expertise. Reliable and advanced products make Sauer a trustworthy partner in merchant shipping, navy and industrial applications. Nowadays Sauer has become one of the world's leading compressor manufacturers with premium quality.

when it comes to developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art compressors, providing a ultralow leckage rate helium compressor and focusing on customer needs, Top quality delivers top results, A winning formula that is appreciated around the globe Sauer Compressors is internationally known as a leading supplier of helium compressor. with a near-monopoly status,sauer provide hundreds of helium compressor to Well-known universities, scientific research institutions and other helium frontier in Europe and earned its reputation as the world's foremost hulium compressor manufacturer.


Air & water cooled design.

Directly driven, trouble-free, high efficiency and reliability.

Compound inlet & outlet valve, efficient, compact, easy for maintenance.

Heavy duty design for 24/7 continuous operation, stable, low wearing, extended service life.

Optimized anti-vibration design, minimized noise emission.

Gas-tight design, negligible leakage.

Leakage rate certificate as standard scope.

Post-treatment and custom design are optional, skid-mounted design, various customer need could be perfectly fulfilled.