Reciprocating Process Gas Compressor
Performance Range:

Maximum working pressure 500barg

Maximum shaft power 1100KW

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

Greatall cooperates with international manufacturer for reciprocating process gas compressor, bare compressor is imported from RIX USA and Knox Western USA, whole compressor package is designed and assembled by Greatall in China. This high cost-effective products are very satisfied by middle and high-end customer duo to not just high reliability, but also low purchasing and maintenance cost.

Greatall reciprocating process gas compressor is available for oil lube and oil free type, compressor package is custom designed according to application condition and site requirement, various process gas could be handled, such as O2, H2, N2, He, CO, CO2, SF6, NG, BOG, other hydrocarbon gas etc.


Bare compressor imported, and compressor package assembled domestically.

Motor, engine, steam engine etc.driven available.

Heavy duty design for continuous operation.

Compact design, small space consumption and easy maintenance.

Vertical or horizontal cylinders arrangement.

Air cooled or water cooled.

API618 standard design compressor package is optional.

Special customized design is available according to customer requirement.

VFD, bypass are optional for system capacity regulating.