Oil-free Screw Compressor
Performance Range:

Flow from 600 m³/h to 8500 m³/h,

Discharge pressure: 1~3.5barg

Medium: air, nitrogen

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

Greatall offers GHS series compressor for system where low pressure oil free air compressor is needed, with incorporating bare block from globally well-known screw bare block provider GHH. It is widely used for pneumatic conveying, biological fermentation and other applications. Our single-stage screw compressor gots a series of standard models and various accessories available for customers to choose, requirement of standardization or tailor-made design for different customers could both be fulfilled.


Reliable, silent and efficient.

Single stage compression.

Forged steel rotor, extended service life.

Anti-friction bearing.

Multiple carbon ring seal + labyrinth seal + guide plate for shaft seal design to ensure compression chamber is oil-free.

Molybdenum-graphite super coating, high temperature resistance, suitable for long time operation.