High Vacuum Dry Pump
Performance Range:

Flow from 1007 m³/h to 11 400 m³/h

Vacuum up to 95%

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

GHV Series with back flow cooling design incorporates bare block from origin HIBON, France.Repeat test and verification has been conducted to all other accessories by our engineers to optimize the design and selection.. Our philosophy is to make this well-designed-and-manufactured product being the best assistance of your production line.


Bare block imported from origin Hibon, France.

Three-lobe rotors, minimized pulsation, noise and vibration.

Double oil tank design, extended bearing life.

Pure air cooled design, eliminate need of cooling water.

Specialized back flow cooling design, enhanced cooling effect.

Necessary accessories and control system included.

Skid-mounted package supply.