Process Gas Vacuum Pump
Performance Range:

Pumping speed: 120LI/h-1800m³/h, up to 25000m³/h with mechanical booster

Vacuum to 80Pa

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description

UNOZAWA is well-known globally for its roots type dry vacuum pump with excellent quality, Greatall provides package solution with high cost-performance ratio, which is assembled in China with bare block imported from Japan originally. UNOZAWA got various vacuum pump type available including vertical, horizontal, tandem design with mechanical booster, flexible configuration, we could always provide highly-reliable tailor-made soution upon customer request, it has been widely used in industry and petrochemical during decades.


Unique multistage-within-single-chamber design, three lobe.

Flexible material and sealing solution selection, various corrosive, toxic gas could be handled.

Completely oil-free, no any oil or sealing liquid contamination to discharge gas.

Special compact structure design, low noise level and vibration.

Cooling water jacket design.

Back flow cooling, proper internal working temp is guaranteed.

Heavy duty design, suitable for continuous running.

Low maintenance cost.