MVR Industrial Waste Water Treatment System
Performance Range:

Capacity up to 100m³/h

Product DescriptionApplications


Product Description


MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) Industrial Waste Water Treatment System is an efficient and energy saving waste water treatment system developed by Greatall. Secondary steam which is generated by evaporation system will be used as heat source of evaporator after compressed by steam compressor which leads to enhanced steam temperature and pressure, recycled use of secondary steam instead of continuously feeding fresh steam brings massive energy saving.


“Home-made” MVR compressor , reliable and robust accessories.

Integrated engineering equipment, modularized equipment , standardized module ,minimized field work and controllable quality.

Optimized process combination selection according to wastewater characteristics, wide compatible range .

Operation Performance

Quality as condensate water.

PH:approx. 7~8.


Footprint: 8-15 m2/ton, saving land resources.

Power consumption: 25-75 kWh/ton water.

Operation mode: automatic continuous operation.

Operation request: no need of senior technicians, normal operator is enough.

Installation and commissioning :assembly and commissioning completed before shipment, only water,electricity and steam needed to be connected on site.

Maintenance: convenient spare parts supply, easy maintenance.