FST High Pressure Adsorption Dryer
Performance Range:

Pressures up to 350bar

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Product Description

For drying the compressed air, i.e. "adsorption", the compressed air flow is led through a vessel filled with desiccant. The desiccant extracts moisture from the compressed air and stores it in its structure until the desiccant is saturated with moisture. The saturated desiccant then has to be regenerated, i.e. the moisture stored in the structure has to be "removed" before the desiccant can be used for drying again.

Continuous operation of an adsorption dryer therefore requires two vessels that are operated alternately. One vessel is used for drying the compressed air(adsorption)and the other vessel for regenerating the desiccat. For the DHW series the change interval between adsorption and regeneration is 10 minutes at nominal conditions.


The valves of the DHW series are controlled by means of a type "C1" processor control system with a 2-line clear text display and 3 operation keys.The control system is installed in a plastic housing with IP65 protection.

As standard, the dryer is provided with a prefilter(fine filter) which prevents solid and liquid contaminants from entering the dryer.

The dryers comply with the reuirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, and have the CE marking of this European directive.